Goals and Prospects

The main activity of the Company since its inception is the fish breeding.

Our company's goal is customer satisfaction. The company in its long-standing presence in the industry has invested in the quality of the product as also in the maintaining of high standards in its operations and in its relationships with the customers and the suppliers.

Management's intention is to continue investing in the quality of its product in order to cope with the intense competition and the further development of the product quality and safety management systems. We believe that the results of our work and the way we achieve them justify our optimism about the future course of our company.

Our company, looking forward to the continuous increase demand of its products, will consider any favorable opportunity for further development of its activities and market position.

Our company has long recognized the importance of maintaining high standards in its operations and its relationships with customers and suppliers. We believe that the results of our work and the way we achieve them are both important.

Galaxidi Marine Farm S.A., operating in compliance with high standards on "Sustainable Growth", harmonizes its activities with the current Legislation and International Standards. In addition, it operates with respect to the environment taking into account the sustainable management of available terrestrial and aquatic resources. Galaxidi Marine Farm S.A attempting to the continuous improvement, has set goals as regards the measuring and monitoring of environmental parameters and indicators, the prevention measures to limit possible fish escapes and the promotion of recycling.

Company's strategy is the production of high quality products and the innovation at a productive and commercial level. At the same time, applied research and continuous training of its executives and staff is an important component of the Company's operation and growth.






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